What You Should Know About Whitening Strips

June 14, 2023 6:58 pm
woman applying whitening strips to her teeth

If you are trying to get a dazzling white smile, it might seem like whitening strips that you can buy at the store are the best option, right? Whitening strips are clear, flexible plastic strips that stick to your teeth and distribute peroxide onto your enamel. But is this the most efficient and effective whitening option? While whitening strips can work well in some cases, there are a few things to consider before going that route.

Time Commitment

Whitening strip kits typically contain enough strips to use them daily for a couple of weeks up to a full month. Depending on the type of strip, you leave it adhered to your teeth for anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour, allowing the gel to penetrate the surface of your teeth. Strips only really work if you use them as directed, and for one reason or another people often quit using them before their full effects can be seen.

Tooth Sensitivity & Gum Irritation

People who use whitening strips frequently complain of tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Sometimes the peroxide can wind up aggravating the nerve endings in your teeth. This tooth sensitivity can last for a short amount of time or several days. The generic shape of the strip also means that it will likely rest against your gums, leading to discomfort in that area as well.

Uneven Results

On that same note, the one-size-fits-all strips won’t be specially fit to your teeth, making it difficult to get the whitening agent into every nook and cranny of your unique smile. This can result in uneven whitening where the broad surfaces of your teeth are lightened while the crevices of your smile remain darker.

Professional Tooth Whitening at Cherry Blossom Family Dentistry

If you’re considering tooth whitening strips, there are several reasons why professional tooth whitening is preferable. Not only is it safer and more effective, but it also can be done in as little as an hour! Call Cherry Blossom Family Dentistry today to get more information about our Zoom! whitening treatments and take-home kits. Visit anyone of our dental practices in Keller, Burleson and Dallas, Texas.

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