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3 Tips for Making Brushing Fun for Kids

October 28, 2020 8:22 pm

For most adults, brushing our teeth is just a typical part of our morning and evening routines — but for kids, it’s often viewed as a chore. Maintaining consistent, proper oral hygiene begins as soon as your child’s first tooth erupts. In fact, baby teeth play a pivotal role in your child’s oral health. Healthy baby teeth make way for strong adult teeth. If your child is having trouble maintaining a consistent brushing routine, here are our tips to make the process fun for them every time.

1. Give Them a Choice

Your child may not have much of a choice when it comes to whether or not to brush their teeth, but you can give them other choices. Let them pick their favorite toothpaste flavor. There are fun ones out there like bubblegum and strawberry! Additionally, allowing them to choose a toothbrush color and shape can help them take ownership over the task!

2. Pair It with a Song

Two minutes can seem like a very long time for your kids to brush their teeth. Play their favorite song while they brush. It can make the process go by quickly and get them excited for the mini dance party! If you need a little more variety, there are some clever brushing songs and videos available on the internet.

3. Reward Them

If you’re having a tough time getting your kids to brush their teeth, incentivize them with rewards! For example, you can offer your child an exciting prize — like a new toy, a special outing or privilege — if they brush their teeth a determined number of consecutive days without complaining.

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