Our Tips to Cut Back on Sugar

September 21, 2022 4:37 pm
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Ever since we were little, it’s been drilled into us that sugar isn’t good for our teeth and can lead to cavities. The trouble is, it can be really difficult to kick the sugar habit, and there are so many food products today that include additional sugars. You may not be able to avoid sugar completely (and we’re not saying you have to), but there are certain easy things you can do to cut back on your sugar consumption. These small tweaks could make a big difference on not just your oral health but your overall health too!

Swap Out Those Sugary Drinks

Yes, soda is loaded with sugar, but other drinks that you might think are healthy, like fruit juice and sports drinks, can also be full of added sugar. You may want to check the label on your almond and oat milks too since it’s common to see added sugar in there as well. Try swapping out your other sugary drinks for water or tea, or at least check that you’re buying a version of the drink that you want that has no added sugar

Ditch the Sugar Cubes

Do you add brown sugar to your oatmeal? Do you load up your tea or coffee with sugar cubes? You may want to consider swapping that out for another type of sweetener like Stevia or honey so you can get the sweet taste you like in a healthier form.

Choose the Fruit

It’s totally normal to crave that piece of cake or that cookie every now and then but moderation is key. For a more nutritious dessert option, consider a colorful bowl of delicious fruit. Fruit also makes for a great snack alternative to those extra sugary snack bars!

Need More Dental Tips?

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